Roof Insurance Claims

Roof Insurance Claims

Revival Roofing specializes in roof related insurance claims assistance. From accident or weather-related storm damage to new roof replacement, our team will be your advocate through the entire insurance process.

Accident and Storm Damage Roof Insurance Claims

Hail, wind and storm damage is considered an insurance loss on your homeowner's policy.
Most insurance companies will pay the entire cost, less your deductible, for replacing the roof if it is damaged. The claim is also considered a natural disaster and does not count against you for future rate increases.
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Do You Need Your Roof Replaced?

Revival Roofing is the premier roofing contractor and new roof installation specialist in the greater New Orleans area.

A new roof may be necessary if your roof is severely damaged, frequently in need of repairs, or outside of its warranty. At Revival Roofing, our goal is to make sure your roof protects your home and your family. Sometimes this means a roof repair is not sufficient.

We'll work with your insurance company on your behalf.

You Deserve An Advocate

When you think you may have a valid roof insurance claim, it’s important that you have a knowledgeable New Orleans roofing contractor that can be an advocate for you with your homeowners insurance adjuster through the whole process.

Our involvement prevents you from getting stuck with a settlement that won’t cover your costs, or even worse, getting denied. We will help you deal with your insurance company and meet with your insurance adjuster if requested.

Upgrades and Incentives

We typically offer valuable upgrade incentives that you may be eligible to receive. And these incentives can benefit you and your insurance company.

An example of an upgrade incentive would be a no-cost shingle quality upgrade.

Zero-Out of Pocket Expenses

With Revival Roofing in New Orleans, you will pay zero out-of-pocket expense other than your insurance deductible. We agree to accept what your insurance company will pay for the claim, including your deductible, and ensure the highest quality repair or replacement.

Contact us today and talk to one of our roofing experts.

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Our Roofing Insurance Claims Process

1. Schedule An Inspection
One of our project managers will come out to your property and conduct a thorough inspection. We will document the damage, run diagnostics, tests, and take plenty of photographs and video so that you can build a solid case for the proper repairs (or roof replacement if applicable) needed.
2. Emergency / Temporary Repairs
We will make any emergency or temporary repairs to your home, if needed, in order to protect from further damage. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to do this, but you should save the receipts which can be turned in for reimbursement from your insurance company, later.
3. Contact Insurance Company
Once you receive a document estimate, you should contact your insurance company. Let us know when the adjuster is scheduled to come inspect your property. We will meet with you and the adjuster to be an advocate for you and to answer questions and point out any areas of damage and concern.
4. Finalize the Estimate
We will review the adjusters scope of work and ensure all damage is fairly evaluated and reported accurately. Then, we will match our estimate and contract to the work specified in the insurance adjusters report, including any supplements that may need to be added if the insurance adjuster missed something.
5. Approve the Job
Once everything has been agreed to with the insurance company, you can sign the contract and approve the work to be completed. On your behalf, we will fax or overnight a signed copy of the contract for the job to your insurance company. Next, we will schedule a start date for your repairs / replacement.
6. Payments & Paperwork
If you have a mortgage on the property, the insurance settlement check will be made out to you and the mortgage lender. This is done to ensure the necessary repairs are made to the property. We provide our FedEx account number for you to overnight the check to the mortgage company for endorsement.
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Browse Our Roofing Insurance Claims FAQ's

Legally, it is not possible to avoid paying your deductible. There are roofing contractors who are willing to work with property owners to submit falsified invoices. However, doing so is insurance fraud. Please don't ask us to do this.

If a roofing contractor offers or solicits this as an option for you, you should report them and find another roofing contractor.

You may request your free roof quote by calling our office at (504) 446-ROOF, or by clicking here and a Revival representative will contact you.

In a hailstorm, most hail that hits your roof and house may be too small to cause any damage. However, a percentage of the hail may be large or irregularly shaped, which can cause severe damage that may not be readily apparent and may not start to leaking for some time. It's best to have your roof inspected by a state licensed roofing contractor to determine if you need to file an insurance claim and have an insurance adjuster assess the total amount of damage incurred.

You may request your free roof quote by calling our office at (504) 446-ROOF, or by clicking here and a Revival representative will contact you.

There are two reasons that the insurance companies hold some money back.

The first reason is to make sure that you get the work done. Past experience has shown them that, if they give the customer all the money up front, many people end up spending it on something else.

The second reason is that they wish to make sure that you pay your full deductible. The insurance companies reason that, if you are given all the money to begin with, many people would naturally try to find a contractor who would perform the job for the dollar amount in hand. By holding a retainage amount, they can adjust the amount of the final payout based on the roofing contractor's invoice, thus assuring that the customer does pay the deductible.

Yes. Most all home owners policies cover full replacement value. The first check the insurance company gives you is the Actual Value (AV); what the roof is worth today with it's useful remaining life. The money that was withheld is call the depreciation, or technically, the Replacement Value (RV) and will be paid to you when the work is completed or most times upon the submission of a signed contract with a licensed contractor for the work specified in the insurance adjusters summary report.

When most people look at their insurance paperwork they are confused, because they think the insurance company deducted their deductible from the money the insurance company has sent them. However, the deductible is the amount that the homeowner is responsible for paying directly to the contractor. The insurance company subtracts the home owners deductible amount on the paperwork from the total amount the insurance company allows for the claim, since the homeowner will pay their deductible directly to the contractor. The balance after subtracting what the homeowner will pay directly to the contractor as a deductible, is the total amount the insurance company will actually pay for the claim.

No two houses receive the same amount of damage in a storm. Your neighbor may have sustained extensive damage, and you may have received none. The insurance company will only pay for the actual damages incurred. If the entire roof was not damaged, unfortunately the insurance company cannot pay for the whole roof. However, if is it border line, it always helps to have your roofing contractor inspect the roof with your insurance adjuster to accurately assess all damage to the roof. Sometimes insurance adjusters may not be able to see all the damage if they're not able to walk on a step roof and photograph certain areas. Revival Roofing ensures a helpful presence to look out for your best interest and assist the insurance adjuster if needed with damage assessment, photographs, and measurements.

It is always prudent to get more than one estimate.

However, when insurance is paying for the work, the dollar amount of the estimate is not very important as long as it is equal to or less than the insurance company estimate. In all such cases, with Revival Roofing, you will only be paying your deductible, so your cost with us will be what the insurance company pays, plus your deductible. Therefore, your decision should be based on going with the contractor that you feel most comfortable with and whom you feel will perform the best job.

Usually this is because of something the insurance adjuster missed in the scope of work to be completed. We can almost always work something out with the insurance company. We will submit what is called a "supplement" with documentation in the form of pictures, measurements and paperwork. The insurance company will review the supplement and upon approval, send a check for the additional monies needed to make the repairs.

Which Roof is Right for You?

Every home is different and requires its own unique roofing system. We offer a large variety of roofing materials, styles, and colors including asphalt, fiberglass, woodshake, slate, metal and more. We’ll help you choose the best roof for your home and budget.
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Replacing Your Roof is a Smart Investment in Your Home.

A home is one of the single largest investment you’ll make. A complete roofing system from Revival Roofing is the best way to protect your home and preserve its value. Our local New Orleans roofing team will design and build a completely integrated roofing system with the highest quality materials – all installed with professional care and workmanship.

A Complete Quality Roofing System

Your roof is too important to trust to anyone other than the professional roofing contractors at Revival Roofing. We offer you a wide array of roof replacement options and will design and install a complete roofing system that delivers lasting performance and value.
From the shingles to the decking, our project managers will perform a thorough inspection of your entire roofing system.
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Roof Valley
Roof Ridge
Rake Edge
Low Pitch
Flat Roof
Hipped End
Gable/Rake End
Chimney Flashing

Most Common Types of Repairs You May Need Are:

Shingle Replacement

Remove those ugly and often damaged shingles and stop potential roof leaks by replacing a limited amount of missing, damaged, or broken shingles.

Nail Pop Repairs

Roofing nails that pop up or out are common. There are many reasons why nails can back out of the wood. It's a critical repair that can ensure your roof does what it's supposed to do.

Roof Flashing Repairs

When a roof leaks, a common problem is often in and around the metal roof flashing that protects your roof edges, valleys, and the junctions between roofing and obstructions like chimneys, dormers, etc.

Roof Leak Repairs

A leaky roof can be a nightmare. Especially If you've had to fix It more than once. Our process of investigating and identifying your leak ensures that it's fixed right the first time.

Storm Damage Roof Repair

We believe in urgency – especially when you’ve sustained storm damage to your roof – from inspection to finishing the job right the first time. Storm damage to your roof is about much more than just shingles. It’s about providing peace of mind.

Schedule Your Free Roof Inspection

Yes, you can schedule your free onsite roof inspection online today. You'll be able to choose a convenient date and time and one of our team members will meet you at your property.
Why choose us

Why should you choose us for your Roofing Insurance Claim project?

Choosing the right roofing contractor is very important. For this reason, we don’t take this responsibility lightly.

Quality Service

Our goal is to provide the highest quality roofing services as well as peace of mind with the care you receive.

Our Credentials

We are a certified New Orleans roofing company that will provide the peace of mind you deserve.

Licensed and Insured

Revival Roofing is a fully licensed, state certified, and insured roofing contractor in the state of Louisiana.

Free Estimate & Consultation

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Use this form to schedule your roof repair consultation and estimate. One of our project managers will meet with you onsite at your home to take a look at your roof and provide you with a fair and affordable roof repair estimate.

Recent Storm or Hail Damage?

If you've experienced recent storm damage or hail damage to your roof, we have teams on standby to serve you if you need us for any roofing emergencies.


We provide free roof inspections, insurance claims assistance, and financing to help you get your roofing issues resolved quickly.

Emergency service is available on a first-come-first-serve basis.